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Updated March 1, 2019


Presidents Page - March 2019


Greetings Hot Rodders!   If I may give a word of encouragement, Spring starts March 20th.

Itís getting time to remove the car covers and get the Hot Rod polished up for that first really nice spring day after a heavy rain to hopefully wash the road salt away. Donít you envy the people that donít have to go through that? That would require moving and with the amount of stuff most of us have in the garage, itís most likely out of the question. But I do love the four seasons we have in the Northeast.  It gives time for upgrades and maintenance we donít do when the nice weather is here and we are busy cutting grass and doing home repairs.

There are interesting car events starting up, swap meets that always get the ideas flowing, and large bills stashed in the corners of your wallet needing to get out and lighten the load.

I recently changed the wheel bearings in my Hot Rod because I am not happy using some offshore bearings. Itís getting extremely difficult to find bearings made in the USA but they are still available, maybe Iím being overcautious but it was a relatively inexpensive repair and I feel better having done so. The oil is changed and Iím ready to cruise! 

Fred Riedel