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Updated July 31, 2019


Presidents Page - August 2019


Greetings Hot Rodders!!!!  I hope everyone is managing with the extreme heat we have been having, we all know that old cars donít do well in the heat. Thankfully the aftermarket is always coming up with new technology to prevent that from happening. I recently went to Syracuse N.Y. for the Syracuse Nationals Car Show with a friend in his 1967 Ford Fairlane. In spite of the high temperatures and humidity his car performed perfectly. That just proves that the old stuff can be brought to present standards as long as we look under the hood once in a while to prevent problems. Hot Rodders know what to do.  

Syracuse hosts one of the biggest car shows I have ever seen and they do it well, I didnít see any problems such as what occurs in Ocean City and the attendance is more than double of Ocean City. Everyone was behaving and driving sensibly all around the area. Of course I always meet great people at car events because car people are great people. I spent a little time at the Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour tent and had some time to speak with Jerry Dixey who runs the tour. Some of you may remember when Larry Hallet hosted the tour at the Trolley Shops as they traveled to the Eastwood Car Show, which they no longer do. Jerry will be stepping down from his position at the end of next year after a 20 year run, I wish him well. Even though it sounds exciting, traveling all over the country in a hot rod every year, living from a suitcase has to be tough.  

Drive Carefully,

Fred Riedel-President