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Updated February 1, 2020


Presidents Page - February 2020


Greetings Hot Rodders!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the mild winter we have had so far, I have to be careful what I say because it could change rapidly.

 I have taken some time to look over my Hot Rod recently, just as a precaution, because it's not good to find problems when you want to use your car in nice weather. I am finding the rubber parts on my ball joints, which I installed 4 years ago, are cracked and split.   That's not saying much for the quality of Chinese products.  These cars spend a lot of time sitting and this should not happen. After some research I was able to find AC Delco balljoints "Made In USA".   It's a good time to look your cars over and fix things like this.  This is always a good time to start visiting the swap meets in the area.  If you have a need for something special, scouring the swap meets is always a good way to find things , but I will say some parts are getting harder to find. Unfortunately we don't have any old car salvage yards around anymore.

 We put our Sticks Reunion Fliers out at the Auto Rama Swap meet at AG Hall in Allentown, and so it begins for this year.

Drive Carefully    Fred Riedel-President