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Updated January 2, 2019


Presidents Page - January 2019


Greetings Hot Rodders, Happy New Year.

I feel like I just started getting used to writing the year 2018 and here we are writing 2019. How did that happen? I hope you all had a memorable Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

So far we have been spared from the wrath of old man winter, but we all know that we can’t get away that easy, but if we do I will be ok with that.

There are a lot of events coming up in our area to help us through the winter months. One of these is the Automania at Allentown AG Hall, January 18th to January 20th. We will be putting out the Sticks Reunion Fliers at that event. It’s always fun to go there to get the creative juices flowing or if you’re like me, the ideas have been running since the cover went on the car in November. Car guys never run out of ideas but some run out of money before ideas. I often wonder how far this hobby will go before it starts to fade. Salvage yards are disappearing from our area and new parts can get quite expensive. Thankfully there is the internet to help us along the way. There are still many places that sell used parts for our classics in the southern states and out west. The people that are retired may want to take a little ride to find some of these places. A dear friend has a verse from a popular Beach Boys song on his car and it says it all.

“Like the Warmth of the Sun it will never Die”

I like to believe that.  

Fred Riedel-President