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Updated April 30, 2019


Presidents Page - May 2019


Greetings Hot Rodders!!!!

Let the fun begin, hopefully it will stop raining long enough to go on an occasional trip. There are so many shows, swap meets and cruise-inís that you can find one every day of the.  I was at Spring Carlisle a few days ago and it was a very nice day.

I keep hearing from friends and acquaintances that only people our age are interested in the Classic car hobby, but during our day in Carlisle I tried to observe to see if it is so and I noticed a lot of younger guys and girls walking around looking for treasures.

Although the majority are older I still see hope for the future of the hobby, we must pass the knowledge we have gained through the years along to the younger generation. The problem they face is that there are fewer and fewer salvage yards and the N.O.S. parts have been severely picked over. Thankfully the aftermarket is a big help in providing us with most of the necessary parts, as long as itís one of the more popular brand of automobile. Things have definitely changed from when we were starting out, but I guess thatís to be expected .

Drive Carefully 

Fred Riedel-President